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Image The name “Montessori” is after Maria Montessori, an Italian lady who was born in 1870.  From what I’ve read, she seems to be a Jill-of-all-trades; her excellence at Physics and Math drew her to pursue an Engineering degree, halfway through, she decided medicine would be her preferred choice – and when she graduated she became Italy’s first ever lady doctor. 

Her early work in anthropology, philosophy and psychology lead to an interest in human development and education – and when she discovered children, especially ones with special needs, seemed to respond well to her methods, she devoted most of her life to the study of early childhood education.

Her theories and the materials used are amazing – I find it hard to believe that all those ideas came from one person.  Her ideas and material are still used today – most are still applicable although times have changed a great deal.

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Maria Montessori, MD divided the child’s academic development into areas,  targeted at developing  the WHOLE child, not just some areas. 

She believed that everything we learn comes via our senses, so she created material or apparatus which refined and honed these senses, and then, once they are fully refined, to use these senses to learn math, language, geography, history, science, music, movement, creative art and craft. 


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The most important discovery that Dr. Montessori has contributed to the field of child development and education is the fostering of the best in each child.

She discovered that in an environment where children are allowed to choose their work and to concentrate for as long as needed on that task, that they come out of this period of concentration (or meditation or contemplation) refreshed and full of good will toward others.


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