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Extended Hours Programme

Children attending our school programme are at school from 9am till 3pm.  This includes a short nap or rest at 1-2pm.  

Our EXTENDED HOURS PROGRAMME caters for children whose parents cannot pick them up at 3pm.  We provide the option for you to pick up before / by 6pm daily.

This service is also available to parents during most school holidays, except the following :

  • Festive holidays (Chinese new Year, Hari Raya, Diwali) when the school is closed - this can be up to one week less depending on government declaartion of holidays for schools.

  • One week during the mid year school holidays (typically early June).  This is a 2-week term break, we will usually take one week off, to renovate/paint / repair anything that needs fixing in our building.


     one month in December.  We do not offer any programme at all for the entire onth of December.  The teachers get their time off, and come back in january well rested, ready for a new year of learning!

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