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Serving Health on a Platter 

Everything we serve is “halal”, and we also do not serve beef or seafood (except fish) in our meals. Plain water (reverse osmosis) is served with meals and is available at all times. The children have either warm milo or barley water with their snack before they go home. Meals are child-friendly, ensuring a good balance of all necessary nutrients required for children this age.

The staff make meal times as enjoyable, social time for the children.

Meals : 

"Brain Break" - typically, the children will have brain break at 10am-10.30am.  Brain Break is simply as it's name implies... a break for your brain.  The parent will provide a healthy snack in the form of fruit, vegetable sticks, dried fruit, yoghurt or a healthy sandwich for their child to have during brain break.  We place emphasis on the snack being HEALTHY, and not fast foods or  "RED FOODS".  RED FOODS are foods that tend to come wrapped in packaging.  examples of "RED FOODS" are cheezels, biscuits, honey star cereals.  Examples of fast foods are nuggets, hotdogs and the like.  Please stiick to fruits and other healthy food and keep away from red foods or fast foods during brain break.

Absolutely not allowed : nuts (including peanut butter and nutella), any snack bar / granola bar containing nuts, broad beans (kacang parang) and anything cooked in peanut oil. We have children with nut allergies, and even if they were to TOUCH another child with traces of nuts on them, they could go into anyphylactic shock.  This could be fatal.

Birthday Parties

If you are providing a meal at school for your child’s birthday celebration, we request that the meal be halal, nut-free, beef-free and sea-food free; taking into account the children’s allergies and religious taboos. All goodie-bags given to children will be taken home and opened/consumed at home.  We do not encourage sweets and junk food in goodie bags.  Instead, we prefer if you provide each child with a healthy snack (eg: juice, an apple, raisins etc), or alternatively an interesting sticker/toy/token to take home.

Cultured drinks (eg: vitagen/nutrigen) are not allowed in party packs as they go bad without refrigeration.  You may however bring these items to be consumed at school during your party.

Don't forget, when ordering your cake, to make sure it is nut-free!

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