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Small Wonder Children's House has taken steps to create a homely environment that will make each child feel warm, welcome and loved, at the same time providing a secure platform for effective learning through the tried and tested Montessori method.

Exploratory materials are in abundance, cleaned regularly, and kept hygienically. 

A Montessori classroom

The atmosphere is bright, warm & inviting filled with plants, animals, art, music and books.  Interest centers include a library, sand pit, a small area for animals that the children are raising as well as a garden for children to cultivate plants & vegetables.

The environment in the classroom is set up to facilitate student discussion and stimulate collaborative learning. There are no rows of desks.

Classrooms are organised into several curriculum areas including; language arts (reading, literature, grammar, creative writing, spelling & handwriting); mathematics & geometry; everyday living skills(Practical Life); sensory awareness exercises (Sensorial) & puzzles; geography; history; science; art; music and movement. Each area is made up of one or more shelf units, cabinets and display tables with a wide variety of materials on open display, ready for use as the children select them.

In a typical Montessori classroom, students will  be found scattered around the classroom, working alone or with one or two others.  Teachers are normally found working with one or two children at a time, advising or  presenting a new lesson. The focus of the class is on children's learning and not teachers' teaching.

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