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Small Wonder Children's House has a variety of programmes to suit your child's needs. We cater for every stage of development until the child reaches school. At the moment, we offer 2 programmes which are listed below:

  • Junior School - children born in 2012 & 2013
  • Senior School - children born in 2010 & 2011

Small Wonder Children's House™ Programmes 

Junior School Montessori programme:

Image Teacher/child ratio - Six children to a teacher.  Programme is aimed at enhancing social and communication skills, independence, everyday practical life skills and creativity through singing, drama and craft activities.  Early introduction to phonics and numbers. Early Inroduction to Montessori materials.

The children in this age group make up the :

  • Yellow Group  (born in 2013)
  • Green Group (born in 2012)

Senior School Montessori programme:

Image Teacher/child ratio - 15 children to a teacher.  Child builds a strong foundation in Maths & Language.  Builds a wide scope of general knowledge, Science, Geography/History, Culture, Social and Communication skills.  Hands-on exploration of the Montessori material ensures a concrete understanding of principles and makes learning fun.  Introduction to compulsary subjects in the Malaysian school system (eg Bahasa Malaysia) starts at this stage, The emphasis on hands on approach using Montessori materials further enhances the child’s learning and understanding of concepts. This foundation creates a “thinking child” rather than a memorizing one. Systematic use of materials and workbooks ensure each child fully understands what is learnt before moving on.

The children in this age group make up the :

  • Red Group (born in 2011)
  • Blue Group (born in 2010)
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