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Tengku Rosna Shah

Tengku Rosna Shah

"FAIR is not everyone getting the same thing.  FAIR is everyone getting what they each need to succeed."


Our school prides itself on being very personal. We get to know each child, their families, and their likes and dislikes. By the time your child leaves us, we know their grandparents, uncles, aunts, and even their pets' names! I have never had a job as fulfilling as this one, working with children. 


Being the principal of a kindergarten has evolved over the years, especially with the pandemic, but many things will never change.  Etiquette and basic old-fashioned manners are essential here.  Children learn respect for each other’s right to their own space.  They learn to be independent, do things for themselves, and perform the same functions in their home.  They learn respect for others, even to give way to someone younger.  These are wonderful values for a child to learn.  These areas of the Montessori philosophy speak volumes to me.  Respect, tolerance and humility. 

In your child's four years with us, we hope to provide your child with many important life lessons to be remembered and carried out throughout his/her lifetime. We want your child to be warm, giving, and "colour-blind" when making friends. We want your child to be an important member of society. We aim to create not only children who excel academically but also children who will grow up to become good citizens of the world.


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