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Afiza Khadir

Afiza Khadir

Ever since I was first introduced to Montessori material, I have been in awe of the amount of thought that went into creating such perfect learning resources. Maria Montessori was indeed a genius! Advancement of children's academics has always been my forte.


I have always aimed to give my best to every child, tailoring the attention and coaching received based on each child's character and background. Every child is different, and all children learn in various ways, at their own pace, and I recognise and celebrate their differences. I am a Montessorian through and through.​


The greatest joy I feel is seeing a child's eyes light up with realisation or comprehension of a concept.  Be it Mathematical, Biological, Scientific, Artistic, or Literary - I thrive on the progress of every child under my care.  Each child's journey in learning is my journey as well.  And I take pride in all their successes.  May the successes be plentiful and meaningful.​

Afiza's note
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