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Extra Activities

As the majority of Malaysian parents work full time, The house has taken the initiative to partner with experienced and certified instructors to deliver these programs on site at the school. This reduces the hassle of travelling to individual centers for various other classes when parents return home from work.



The school offers Mandarin preparatory classes for children planning to enrol into Chinese type Primary Schools, or just wanting exposure to Mandarin. 



Drama teaches a child self confidence, lessens the child's fear of public speaking and enhances the child's ability to express one's self. Many parents have discovered their child's inner talents through these classes.


Fardhu 'Ain

Fardhu Ain Classes are available for Muslim children and cover the basic for children's, classes are conducted twice weekly.

Note: Activities organised by The House are aimed at reducing stress on the part of the parent in arranging logistics and transportation for your child by being a One-Stop centre.  Please take your time in selecting classes for your child, and not select a class simply because it is “popular”.  Children benefit from continuity, so do try to continue the activity chosen even after your child has left The House for Std 1. 

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